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The Constitution - Site Rules - Read Before Registering

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The Constitution - Site Rules - Read Before Registering

Post by Clonecommando007 on Tue Jan 08, 2008 2:24 pm

WARNING!!! Failure to read this and comply with this forum’s Rules and Regulations will result your ability to remain.  

Customizers And Builders Guild Forum Rules:

1. You MUST be at least a 13 years old.  
2. You may have ONE account and ONE account only.
3.  Customizers and Builders Guild or it's staff are not liable for persons falsely representing themselves.

1. Only Guild Members are allowed to post new Threads, excluding “Hello Threads”.  
2. Use the Search Button before making a new thread.  

Posting Inside Threads:
1. No spamming!  
3. There is a 5 smiley limit for this forum.
4. No double posting.
5. After 24 hours you can post again to update a topic. (Within 24 hours click edit and simply edit your previous post.)
5. Make sure your post is on topic!
6. Limit of 3 quotes in succession in a post.
7. Do not quote pictures or videos from previous posts.
9. AVOID Internet Slang. We have users from all over the world and using Internet Slang or "Text Talk" or "Noob Speak" often does not translate, OR typing a series of figures to resemble code (often referred to as Leet or Eleet Speak).  
9. Do not reply to a topic that is older than two weeks.  Updates are permitted if you have something constructive and/or important to add to the topic. I.E. (New images added to a long term WIP project.)

Regarding Posts (Rules/Content):
1. We do NOT want mindless postings of approval. We know it's "Awesome!" Now think about it and tell us exactly why it's "Awesome!"
2. Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, spacing, & punctuation.
3. Racist/ethnic, gender orientation, or sexist remarks in posts, chatboxes, or PMs is strictly prohibited.  
4. Pornographic or sexually explicit references and/or pictures or links in posts, chatboxes, or PMs is strictly prohibited.
5. Being verbally abusive also known as Flaming or Bashing is strictly prohibited.
6. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Advertising is only permitted in the Trading & Sales Area.

Colored Text:  
Only Staff are allowed to use coloured text.

Profile Pictures aka Avatars:  
Please see this dedicated topic regarding avatars.

The use of signatures has been restricted to Guild members only.  Please refer to this topic for a complete set of signature rules.

Registration Authorization Code:

In order for your account to be activated upon registering for this website, you must supply this code in its exact form in the field titled "Registration Code": CABGAUTH12  However, take note that even though your Authorization code might be correct, your registration still could be denied if you do not have a proper registration paragraph. We’d like to see that you’re actually able to write a complete sentence or paragraph prior to approving your request.  It may take several days for your account to be activated.

Chat Boxes/Rooms Rules:

The following are the rules for the Chat Boxes/Rooms:
1. Do not spam. Spamming is considered six or more posts in a row, typing random letters, or typing a series of figures to resemble code (often referred to as Leet or Eleet Speak).  
2. Do not post as a random/inappropriate username, and especially that of another member.
3. Your Chat Room name should be the exact same or similar to your username.
4.  ALL FORUM POST RULES APPLY.  Read them and make sure you use them here as well.


Violating any of the above rules is a violation the constitution and is subject to disciplinary action.

We hope you understand the Constitution, as it is necessary to understand to participate in the CABG forums.  If you have a question about any subject in here, please contact a staff member. By creating an account you agree to the above rules and regulations and accept all judgments made by the Administration and designees of the Clone Army Builders Guild including but not limited to warnings, temporary bans, permanent account bans or deletions, IP bans, legal prosecution.

New Members Area Rules:

Welcome to the New Members Area,

This area is dedicated to members that are new to the CABG forum.  If you have not introduced yourself to the CABG Community, please post a new topic to say 'hello' and get to know some of the old time and Guild Members.  You are permitted to link to your MOC galleries of yours, so other members can see some of your work and put some suggestions upon welcoming you.

New Member Area Rules:

1. Only ONE topic/thread per member please for introductory purposes only.
2. Links to your MOC galleries are allowed.  
3. Images of MOC's are NOT permitted, this is an introductory topic not a showcase.
4. Discussion in introductory topics should be kept to welcomes and comments on the new member's MOC gallery.
5. Questions should be directed to the 'New Member Questions' topic at the top of the New Members Area.
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