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FAQ: What is the Guild?

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FAQ: What is the Guild?

Post by Clonecommando007 on Tue Jan 08, 2008 7:56 pm

The Customizers & Builders Guild (formerly Clone Army Builders Guild) is a group of Lego fans, ages +13, who enjoy building their own custom models (My Own Creation AKA: MOCs)and making custom minifigures primarily from Star Wars.  We are an exclusive site:  Not just anyone can join the Guild, you must first show us your ability to build well.

Joining the Guild allows access into the Guild Members Area. Being a Guild Member allows you to do 4 main things.

1. Guild member only discussion.  Talk about the site, post your suggestions, discuss Lego Products, participate in exclusive games, and have other secret conversations that only occur in the restricted Guild Member only areas of this site.

2. Trade, sell, & buy from other Guild Members.

3. Enter and/or host Contests and Guild Builds (Group Builds) also known as GBuilds.

4. Post your MOCs and receive constructive criticism, suggestions, and compliments on them.

Personally, I would have to say that my favorite part of this site is the contest section:  It always has running contests, with prizes for the winner(s).  Our contest are exclusive, no one from outside of the Guild can enter them.  That means less competition and more chances of winning!  However, you'll have to apply and see for yourself if you're accepted. Smile
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