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The white warrior

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The white warrior

Post by -Aki- on Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:52 pm

I am starting a moc series, called the white warrior. It is about a elite stealth assasin for hire, and it follows him in his missions. There will be about 6 mocs, then a new series.

So far, I have one of him infiltrating a base belonging to a evil criminal mastermind known only as Dr. Stitch.

So far (Prepare for a wordy teaser!), I have 2 scenes. The first one will be called "Watch your back!", and will show some basic greebs. The next one will have glimpse of Dr. Stitch himself. After that, when I get some brickarms and a agent set, he moves in for the kill, confronting his cyborg bodyguard (I may use uncostimised agent figs in it, but I will customise the one I need a bit with a new torso and arm).#

Got ideas? Questions? Comments? Say them here!
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