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Avatars/Advertising Rules

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Avatars/Advertising Rules

Post by Clonecommando007 on Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:34 pm

Rules on Advertising:
No advertising, we are not your billboard. However, although you cannot freely advertise, you can PM an ADMIN requesting to advertise if you are advertising a Star Wars/Lego product (not another Lego Star Wars forum). Advertising Star Wars/Lego products without permission may be done only in the Sales and Trading area, accessible only by Guild Members. To see a more complete set of rules regarding advertising please check this topic.

Exceptions on Advertising:
Though the Constitution states 'No Advertising', if you are trying to advertise a Star Wars or Lego product, you can Private Message an ADMIN to get a Stamp of Approval. There are some buisnesses that we want to be advertised on here: For instance, the Fine Clonier forums is one of our hosts, and they have Clone Trooper decals. They are Permitted to be advertised on here. The following are the list of buisnesses or sites that can be advertised without permission:
1. Bricklink Stores
2. Fine Clonier items
3. Arealight's Work
4. CloneFactory's Work
5. MMCB's Work
6. Wuzzupbob's Work
7. Brickforge Items
8. Brickarms Merchandise

Avatar Guildlines:
1. Your avatar must be 100x100 pixels or less.
2. Your avatar should be related to CABG (I.E. Your avatar matches you user name.), and/or Lego. However you may use an avatar outside of these categories.
3. Your avatar must be a static picture; no animations or GIFs.
4. We have a gallery of avatars. The gallery can be accessed in your profile, under Avatar. Or you may upload your own.
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Kinda like a UFO

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