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FAQ: How do I join the Guild? & More...

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FAQ: How do I join the Guild? & More...

Post by Clonecommando007 on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:26 pm

FAQ: How do I join the Guild?

"So," you ask, "How do I join the CABG?"

There are two ways to join the guild:

1. By invite from ADMIN. You will receive an invitation to join the Guild.

2. By Request. You can ask an ADMIN to join the Guild (check here under 'Admins' to see to whom you should PM your application). For both you must first register for these forums. Go to 'Register' at the top of the page, and fill out the required form. It will take a day or so to process, and the registration might be denied. However, if it is accepted, log in, you should send a Private Message (PM) to any ADMIN to join the Guild. This PM needs to include an application with embedded images NOT just links, see below. "I've registered and I'm getting ready to send the PM to you," you say, "What should the request message contain?" In order for you to join the Guild, you must have at least 3 MOCs, this gives us a better idea of you building skills. You must embed images you may also give us a link to the folder and tell us what it contains. Tell us why you want to join the Guild, and what you specialize at (Custom Minifigures/Vehicles/Battle scenes/etc.). Then we will decide whether or not you should be accepted into the Guild. Finally remember a picture says a 1000 words. So make sure to: take pictures that are in focus, resize your images, and clear out all crap in the back ground. If you are not accepted right away the ADMIN may share your entry with other ADMIN and a vote may be held. If a majority votes "yes" (51% or higher) then you're in. If they voted "no". You'll be asked to re-submit at a later time (ADMIN may specify exact time for example one month). Feel free PM the administrator after a week if you have not received a notice of approval/denial. Also, feel free to continue to supplement your application via your gallery, we don't want extra PMs every other day says "add this too". If you are not accepted, do not panic, it is just that you may not be good enough yet. With time and inspiration from other members here, your skills will hopefully improve, and your future application is more likely to be approved. Remember most us start out building for fun. Now you need to learn to build to compete. Wink


Things to remember when build you MOCs for a Guild Application.

Basic Photography:
Focus: Keep the MOC the main part of the photo and make sure it is in good quality, not blurry
Background: Try to keep the background clutter free. A messy floor or desk can really distract the viewer from your MOC. Find somewhere plain to take your photo or photoshop out the background on your computer.
Brightness: Dark images equal fail. If we canít see it clearly, itís a no.

Advanced Photography:
Angles: Be knowledgeable about the fact that pictures taken straight on are good but a slight angle gives us a better view of the 3D shape and feel of your MOC.
Color Balance: If you color balance is off. Fix your camera or edit adjust to look right on your computer. †
Effect Lighting: Give your MOC a mood if you wish. Like sprinkles on your ice cream Sunday, yum.

Building Techniques:
Gaps: Awkward gaps equals a no.
Greebles: Are a must, but donít over kill it.
SNOT: Building a good MOC using the SNOT technique is a sure sign of moving beyond the basics.
Color selection: No Rainbows! Rainbow MOCs, aka multi-colors and/or random colored bricks, equals a no. †
Piece placement: Donít put a piece on your MOC unless it has a purpose. †
Using unique pieces (single purpose bricks): Explore the large and unusual molded pieces. Sometimes youíll find one that can be just what your MOC needs. But by themselves it can be a instant fail.
Framing: What to build a bit bigger and/or stronger models but lack the pieces? Building a frame styled MOC gives you the size youíll need and will allow for space inside the MOC to and all the playable goodness a MOC should have.
Plating: Ok you framed the basic shape of ship or vehicle so youíll need to cover the frame. Plating is usually a good place to start or try some SNOTing if you're ready.
Tiling: Now cover up some of those studs for a more realistic look (Aka: Studless) if you wish, but remember sometimes you will want the texture of the studs.

Minifigures & Decals:
When these are done well, they can give your MOC that extra wow that it needs to contests. Fail to do them well and it'll most likely be a big no.
Kinda like a UFO
Kinda like a UFO

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