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Basic Guide to Forum Terminology

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Basic Guide to Forum Terminology

Post by Rook on Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:46 pm

Basic Guide to Forum Terminology


NOOB, NOOBIE, NEWBIE = Often a new member that has not learned the importance of following proper NETTIQUETTE or RULES & REGULATIONS.

GUEST = A non-registered person that is viewing the Forum.

MEMBER = A person that has a registered account with the Forum and has limited rights.

GUILD MEMBER = A person that has posting rights and contest voting rights.

COUNCIL MEMBER = A person that has specific voting rights regarding issues the administration wishes to have timely feedback on.

MOD(s) = Moderator of Forum: Over sees specific areas of the Forum.

ADMIN = Administrator(s) of Forum: Over sees all forum activities.


FORUM = A place where people share ideas on (a) subject(s).

AREA = A broad section of a forum.

THREAD = A specific topic started by specific person in an AREA.

POST = A specific reply/comment by specific person in a THREAD.

CBOX = A simple multi person instant messaging system.


MOC = “My Own Creation”: Something you built that is not an Official Lego Company Set.

WIP = Work In Progress

SIGFIG = “Signature Minifigure”: A Lego minifigure that represents you.

CONTEST = A monthly event that includes (a) prize(s).

GUILD BUILD = A monthly event that does NOT include (a) prize(s).

RULES & REGULATIONS = Specific requirements that must be followed when using the FORUM.

NETTIQUETTE = General requirements that should be followed when using the FORUM.

BAN, BANNED = A sanction that happens when a person has not learned the importance of following proper NETTIQUETTE or RULES & REGULATIONS.

MINIETTE = A MOC on 6x6 plate.

VIGNETTE = A MOC on 8x8 plate.

MIDNETTE = A MOC on 12x12 plate.

BIGNETTE = A MOC on 16x16 plate or larger.

GREEBLING = Extreme and/or technical designed details. Sometimes used to resemble the inner workings of an item, or add texture to an MOC.


FOL: Fan of Lego

TFOL: Teen Fan of Lego

AFOL: Adult Fan of Lego

SNOT: Studs Not On Top
Scale: Meaning: A proportion used in determining the dimensional relationship of a representation to that which it represents.

System Scale: This scale is created by TLC to keep their models numbers of pieces down in order to kep cost down. For example a car being only 4 studs wide which can only seat one minifigure. Check your car can 2 or three people sit beside each other?

Minifigure Scale: Meaning things in our reality are in proportion to the reality of the Minifigure. Example:

UCS or Ultimate Collector Scale: Meaning larger then Minifigure Scale. Example:

Mini Scale: Meaning smaller then Minifigure Scale. Example:

Micro Scale: So small that cars and ships are so small they can would be made out of a 1x1 plate or smaller. Example:

(The above scales are very approximate and have no set boundaries, but you should get the idea.)

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