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FAQ: Ranks

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FAQ: Ranks

Post by Clonecommando007 on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:12 pm

Everyone who looks at the Forum is a user.  However, we have many different user levels; each level up brings a new set up abilities and sometimes responsibilities.  Listed below in order from least power to greatest power are all of the user levels in the CABG forums.
Here is a list of the current staff

Overview: A guest is any user that is not logged on to the forum.  They can view the forums in the Creation and Discussion category and view MOC's posted there, but cannot reply or post new topics.
Abilities: Can view MOC threads.

Overview:  A member has registered on the forums and been let in.  They can view the new members area, the Creations and Discussion category, and post replies in the MOC threads and New Members Area threads.
Abilities:  Can view and reply in MOC threads and New Members Area user can create a single "Hello I'm _____ Thread".

Guild Member
Overview:  A Guild member has registered and submitted an application to join the Guild.  The application was approved.  A Guild Member can access most areas of the site including the Trading and Sales Area, and post and reply in most areas of the site, and use the chatbox.  Guild members are also allowed to participate in Guild contests and Guild builds.  Guild members can also post their Legions.  Guild members also are allowed to have a signature after each post they make. What is the Guild? How do I join the Guild?
Abilities:  Can post MOC's and reply in Creations and Discussion area, Guild Member Area, and Communications Area.  Can post Legion topic.  Can post in real-time Chatbox.  Can trade and sell to other Guild members.  Can enter and win in Guild Contests/Guild Builds.  Can use signature module.

Moderator - Staff
Overview: A CABG Moderator has all the abilities of a Guild member and must be a Guild member first.  However, a moderator is responsible for patrolling the forums and topics of the CABG and keeping them clean, and taking reports sent by members.  A moderator enforces the rules of the Constitution and has the ability to ban members if they do not heed the warnings given by the moderator.  Moderators, along with administrators, have a lightsaber image under their avatar.
Abilities:  All Guild Member abilities, can enter all forums of the CABG.
Responsibilities:  Must be an active member and be able to patrol the CABG and enforce its rules several hours a week.
Qualifications:  Must be chosen and accepted by current forum staff.

Administrator - Staff
Overview:  An Administrator can go everywhere and do anything on the CABG, and can change the way that its done.  The Admin can enter the Administration Panel and change users, forum options, site setup, everything and anything about the forums.
Abilities:  Anything on the forum can be changed or fixed by an Administrator.
Responsibilities:  Must be active on the CABG several hours a week, be able to understand their job, people, the forum, and how things work.
Qualifications:  Is handpicked by ADMIN of the CABG.

VIP Former Staff
Overview:  A VIP is a member who used to be staff and has since either stepped down or gone inactive
Abilities:  Same as Guild Member

Those are all the user levels of the Forum.  If you are wondering why you can't do something on the forum, please look at your level and the abilties list. Smile If you have any questions, PM any staff member.

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