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316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

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316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

Post by VenatorClassCruiser on Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:20 am

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316th Tactical Escort Legion
'Senate's Shield'

The 316th Legion is used primarily for the safe travels of Galactic Senators and the well-being of Senatorial dealings across the galaxy. Though the troopers of the 316th only sometimes set foot on planet, they are hard-pressed to keep the Senators on board the legion's flagships safe from Separatist and pirates.
Though closely related to the Coruscant Guard, the 316th wears the traditional blue of the Senate, as opposed to the deep red of Palpatine's clones. The two divisions work together so much, however, that a small group from each legion joined the opposite to work as transmitters of sorts to link the two sections.
The 316th travels across the galaxy, almost always together.

Jedi Master Maht Dustill

Master Dustill is in command of the 316th's flagship, the Republic's Defender. He was found as a child by the renowned Jedi Master Shaak Ti. He won the battle of Ohma Prime seven months after the Battle of Geonosis, even after his supply ships being literally rammed by Munificent-class droid cruisers. The battle lasted nearly a month, and took quite a toll on the clones. Dustill won by using his last cannon battery on a cliff, which crushed the enemy base. The cliff was made of a rock that could somehow penetrate the droid shield. Maht used that to his advantage.

Current status: Alive. He is underway in a skirmish in the Dac system with the Separatists.

Second in Command

Regimental Commander Wyv (CRC-18/3256)

After the death of Slash just after the first anniversary of Geonosis, Dustill promoted Wyv to the rank of second in command. Wyv serves with Maht and Admiral Yessan aboard the
Withstanding, a Venator-Class Cruiser.
Many have commented on Wyv's similarities to a slightly more famous clone, a Captain Rex of the 501st Legion. Rumors have sprouted that Wyv replied to this, "I do look like Rex, but I don't care. I do this color and these Jaig eyes justice. Rex is, to put it lightly, a noob."
These are merely rumors. Rex has yet to respond.

Command of the

Admiral Tyler Yessan

Admiral Yessan was born on the planet Alderaan thirty-seven years before the Battle of Geonosis. He, at the age of sixteen, left his family's plantation to join the Corellian Law Inforcement on Corellia.
Two years before the Clone Wars began, Yessan joined the Republic Judicial Forces. When the war broke out, he was promoted to Admiral and assigned to the 316th Legion.

Former Second in command

Captain Slash (CC-4815)
Captain Slash was the clone in charge of most infantry in the 316th, and answered to only to Maht. He got his name from the horrible cut on his left eye, given to him by a Super Battle Droid at Ohma Prime. He painted the wound on his helmet as a sign of not giving up. He did not change from Phase 1 armor to Phase 2, mainly because Palpatine liked Phase 2, and Palpatine gave Slash a very, very bad feeling. His troops followed his example and stayed Phase 1. Only Commander Oztus made the change, foreshadowing his future.
Current status: Dead. Engaged in battle alongside Dustill and managed to kill Oztus before dying of a fatal shot to the temple.

Former Command of Pilot Troopers
Commander Oztus (CT-61/324)

Commander Oztus's brutality and cunning promoted him quickly to trainer of Pilot Troops. He was power-hungry, though, and wanted the second-in-command spot. When he was passed by Slash, his jealousy became so much that he did virtually nothing that Slash said. He was the only one in the entire legion to change armor when Phase 2 came out, just to spite Slash.
Current status: Dead. Challenged Slash and Dustill during their mission to Bakura, and was killed, along with Slash.

Archive Incomplete

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Last edited by VenatorClassCruiser on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:36 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : I took Sialboats's advice and changed many things that were sub-standard about the 316th)
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Re: 316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

Post by Sialboats on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:37 am


Some friendly criticism from the Backstory Gestapo.

  • You write the following: "against all odds", "great Jedi Master", "secretive and dangerous", so on, so forth. It's cliched and unimaginative.
  • Mando'a is not your friend.
  • Don't build a legion until you have one.
  • This looks like a Chiefs:Indians ratio botch-up. You've got nothing but elite units.
  • I see nothing about the actual organization. Take a hint from the Borg Collective, and start thinking "we" (or in this case, "them".)
  • ORBATs? Armaments? Specifications? Tactics? Please, add some more when your imagination has kicked in.
  • Your legion logo could also use a little work Razz. MSPaint, anyone ?

Lego criticism.

The sharpie job is awful. There's too much shift, too much texture variation, and too much blurring. It could be worse, but it's still pretty bad as it stands Wink. I also am not fond of the mixing of body parts in your Commander, and I find your commando squad abominable. Don't give me that excuse that "this is what they're supposed to look like", I don't really care. No amount of "backstory" can rectify the issue that they are in desperate need of some sort of torso, leg, arm, and FACE decaling.

I look forward to your revisions Wink !
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Re: 316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

Post by VenatorClassCruiser on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:49 pm

Thanks for the advice! You're right; the commando squad needs work. I'll take down all images and work on the figs. I'll finish them at a later time. Its still a WIP, after all. Razz
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Non-Guild Member

Location : The Jedi Temple, waiting for my next assignment.

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Re: 316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

Post by Gerrard on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:51 am

Looks alright but your legion symbol looks a bit too pixeled. Razz
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Guild Member

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Re: 316th Tactical Escort Legion (WIP) *UPDATED*

Post by Sponsored content

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