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The CABG Arcade!

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The CABG Arcade!

Post by Zepher on Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:52 pm

CABG, over the last month or so, has suddenly entered into a bunch of incredible games - I'm here to tell you all about them and have you join in the fun!


CABGTag, started by member Jens has been growing into a full fledged battle for CABG. The idea behind Tag is to tell a bit of a story and pass it on to the next person! So far we've had quite a story.

Jens started us off with the intro:

Since then members Jinja...


...Alpha, Thunder-blade, (INH), and most recently 80-0...

...have added to the story!

Flattery Challange

The Flattery Challange, started by member Tac, continues. The goal is to build like anoter member. We've had tons of good entries, the most recent ones being:

Tac by Zepher

Phima by Dy

Faie by Gerrard

Weekly Avatar Challange

Still a young game started by Zepher, the goal is to change your avatar to fit with the week's theme. Winner of the week's theme picks the next theme!

The first week was Beach Week

The Jinja Ninja, Anomanzor, Sialboats

Member Jinja won, and set up Space Western Week

Jinja, (INH), Zepher

There's still time to join in! Make a Space Western avatar today!

That's all folks,
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