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Week in Review

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Week in Review

Post by Clonecommando007 on Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:52 am

Zepher wrote:

That's right! Week in review with me, Zepher. I won't be here tomorrow, so I'm releasing just a little early. Let's get started!

Member Flare has finally kicked off the Faction Wars contest. Faction, NOT Fration. It is still being debated if other members should be allowed to enter, even if they did not sign up prior to the contest.

The CABG News has finally recieved a rival, The CABG Gazette. The first issue was released today. I'm not saying you should go join in the line of fan girls, but it's worth a look, even if it's only to know where you should be reading your news, CABG News!

On the comic front, Sialboats has brought us a very good episode of his knock-out series, the 541st. Worth a read always. He's also made the whole CABG news team these fantastic banners! Thanks Sialboats!

In other creations we've had quite a few notable creations lately, PD's Kill over France and DY's Rouge Starfighter being the highlights! Go give them a look!

That's it for now! Bly will be talking to you next week, and keep an eye out for the interview!


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Kinda like a UFO

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