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76th Attack Corps (Redone)

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76th Attack Corps (Redone)

Post by 667thLegion on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:04 am

76th Attack Corps

The 76th Attack Corps is a corps, ready for any battlefield situation. Led by Jedi General Master Rukan, the corps 76th stands ready for any mission it is assigned. Combining the power of the clone army with the wisdom of the jedi order, the 76th is prepared for combat on the front lines of the Clone Wars.

Master Rukan
Commander Slay

Legion SymbolLegion Legion Commanders
667th LegionMaster Rukan and Commander Slay
27th Cold assault LegionJedi General Marth Unlink and Clone Commander Prowl
112th LegionJedi Commander Aarcolyte, Clone Commander Wrecks
NO SYMBOL YET!!289th Urban Support LegionJedi Commander Reign, Clone Commander Ace

*Will be modified eventually*
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