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The 815th Tactical Strike Corps is Dead

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The 815th Tactical Strike Corps is Dead

Post by The Jinja Ninja on Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:06 pm

So yeah, she's officially FUBAR. I've locked the 815th topics and am stepping down as corps leader - after all, I've got no corps to lead. Don't bother unlocking stuff and trying to rejuvenate it; just start some new corps and get on with it.

Get-out clause: Of course, as a MOD, I can always restart it if there's a sudden interest or if Sial returns or if I have an attack of the crazies: thus, I'm leaving my (also pretty much dead) legion on the 815th's page. Just don't hold your breath.
The Jinja Ninja
Evil Ornj Vizier
Evil Ornj Vizier

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