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313th - Catch Up

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313th - Catch Up

Post by Zepher on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:15 pm

With less than a week to the long anticipated final Episode of Season of "The 313th's Clone Wars" the producers have decided to do a little catch-up for our newer readers, and older readers as well!

Episode 1 - War
Mace Windu and Jedi Master Gruff meet up with Jedi Master Versilles on the planet Shemis, and Windu introduces Gruff and Versilles to their fellow Clone Commanders, Old Papa and Kuplo respectively. They are then assigned to the planet Ingration.

Episode 2 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 1: Landing
Old Papa and a squad of clones sneak into Ingration to lower the shield generators, and are sucessful. Old Papa is told to pass along a message to Versilles by the CIS commander, Vimpu.

Episode 3 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 3: Charge
The Jedi and their clones stratagize on how to take out CIS. Marik (a lower in command clone) and Versilles are assigned the capture of Vimpu, and Gruff and Old Papa are supposed to take out the command post and shut down the droids. Kuplo will provide support and distraction.

Episode 4 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 4: Trap
Versilles and Marik are captured by Bounty Hunters while they try to capture Vimpu. Meanwhile Old Papa and Grufff sneak behind enemy lines.

Episode 5 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 4: Control
Gruff and Old Papa sucessfully capture the command base, but are contacted by Vimpu and are offered the trade of the city for the lives of Marik and Versilles. Gruff does not agree.

Episode 6 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 5: Captured
Vimpu gives Versilles a drug that causes him to hallucinate back to his time on Shemis. He remembers when he was captured by a girl and chained up in a cell. She tells him that the governemnt he is working for, the government that the Republic has helped set up, is corrupt, and she is a rebel trying to bring it down. She then tells him to leave the planet.

Episode 7 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 6: Rescue
One of the Bounty Hunter's who Versilles spared contacts Kuplo and tells him where Versilles is being held. The two of them rush off to save Versilles, but once they get there Vimpu kills Marik and escapes. Versilles vows to hunt him down.

Episode 8 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 7: Chase
While Versilles and the Bounty Hunter track down Vimpu Versilles flashes back to Shemis once more. He remembers telling Shi, the woman who captured him last time, that he wants to help. Back in the present, Vimpu shoots off the Bounty Hunter's arm and before Versilles can get him, a downed speeder crashes into the market. It turns out that Gruff shot it, and in the ensueing chaos Vimpu escapes.

Episode 10 - The Invasion of Ingration Part 8: Departure
Versilles and Gruff are approached by a Lofsurra and his padawan, Boom. They need help evacing a planet, Nekt, which was lost to the CIS. While Gruff thinks that Versilles is needed on Ingration, Versilles goes with them. He tells Kuplo to look after the clones, perhaps not trusting Gruff to do so, as he blames Marik's death on him.

Episode 10 - The Battle of Nekt: Evac
Versilles, Boom, Lofsurra and evacing civvies Boom flashes back to himself as a child being evaced from his home planet. While he and his mother flee hostiles his father and his commander discuss evacing the military. His father's commanding officer dies infront of him. Back on Nekt, in the present, the clones and Jedi are about to take the final ship out when it explodes, leaving them stranded. A Dark Jedi appears out of the wreckage.

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VIP Former Staff

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Re: 313th - Catch Up

Post by Aerial Trooper Nitro on Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:45 am

Good job on the comics, there really nice. Too bad Marik dies. He sounded cool. I would change the name of Old Papa to something else, it seems out of place Smile.
Aerial Trooper Nitro
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Non-Guild Member

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Re: 313th - Catch Up

Post by Darth Dan on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:05 am

I really like it! Smile You did a good job, Zeph.
Darth Dan
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Non-Guild Member

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Re: 313th - Catch Up

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