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Inkscape Tutorial

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Inkscape Tutorial

Post by Dutch on Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:13 pm

Okay we're going to start with a simply line. I highlighted the tool in red needed for this task. What we do is first is left click then Left click again were you would like the line and you should see something like the image above now right click and the line should turn black.

You will see that this line isn't straight. To fix this I have highlighted the tool required in red. I use the tool highlighted on two gray diamonds then I match the gray box with the line so they merge together to seem as one.

How to change line size. On the top tool bar select the tool highlighted in red the select “Stroke Style”. For this template I use a 3.000 4.000 or a 5.000.

Curving lines. Use the tool highlighted and left click on the line and hold also another way is to use those lines with circles. Thank you and I hope to see your decals soon.

~Clone Killer
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