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Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

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Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by Sithassassin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:08 pm

A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away…

The Republic has traced the bounty hunter Syldro to the planet Umbara, in the Ghost Nebula. Jedi Knight Ree Olo and a Clone Recon Commando have been sent as a Recon Squad to the planet to find Syldro. Upon arrival to Umbara, the Recon Squad spots several Separatist Frigates entering the System.

The Recon Squad lands and finds a Separatist base along the plains of Umbara. What will they find...

Jedi Knight Ree Olo: What would a Seperatist base of this size be doing on a planet in the Ghost Nebula?

Recon Commando 'Hutch': I don't know Sir, it looks fairly new. Do you want me to radio the commander?

Ree Olo: That'd be a good idea.

Hutch: Commander, we've stumbled upon a large Seperatist base along the plains. What is our plan?

Clone Commander Nova: Infiltrate the base but do not cause chaos, try to keep peace.

Hutch: Yes Sir.

General did you get all of that?

Ree Olo: Of course. No shall we go?

(Suddenly a shot fires. Jedi Knight Ree Olo is able to react just in time before he is killed.)

(I Jungle Commando Droid jumps out of a tree near by wielding a Melee sword)

(Ree Olo jumps over the Droid swinging his lightsaber. He manages to disarm the droid and Hutch proceeds to finish it off)

Ree Olo: Well then, that Droid was here for a reason.

Hutch: Someone must not want us inside... after you Sir.

(Ree Olo reaches out to the Force. The door begins to move and then falls back into the ground, creating an entrance. Ree Olo and Hutch both walk inside and are cornered)

Ree Olo: Who are you?!

Seperatist General: I am Dr. Maximillian Vale. And who might you be?

Ree Olo: I am Jedi Knight Ree Olo

Hutch: They call me 'Hutch'

Vale: If you are a Jedi you must be of the Republic.

Ree Olo: Yes, we are here looking for the bounty hunter Syldro.

Vale: A bounty hunter? Here? You must be mistaken.

Ree Olo: No, I can sense him.

Vale: You ARE mistaken. Guards kill them!

(Ree Olo jumps to the upper level of the base but Hutch is too late)

(Ree Olo slashes one droid in half while the droids below kill Hutch)

(Ree Olo jumps down destroying 2 Super Battle Droids and using the Force destroys one of the Assassin Droids)

(From behing Dr. Vale walks up behind Ree Olo and shocks him)

(Ree Olo falls to the groun unconscience and Vale walks away)

Vale: Z17, stabalize him and keep him restained, I need him for my experiment.

To Be Continued...

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Guild Member

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Re: Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by DarthPineapple on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:19 pm

Use text bubbles. No offense, but this isn't a comic, just a baseplate with some grass.
VIP Former Staff
VIP Former Staff

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Re: Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by Alpha Beta on Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:14 pm

It looks good so far. Smile The only way to make it better is more action, and some speach bubbles. Otherwise, keep up the good work! Thumbs up
Alpha Beta
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Non-Guild Member

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Re: Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by bl*c on Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:43 pm

Pretty good Smile. I like how Ree Olo and the clone were made. I'm guessing the Rodian behind
the crates is Syldro.
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Non-Guild Member

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Re: Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by Troopa Daisy on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:55 pm

It's okay, but there should be more stuff on the baseplate. Wink
Troopa Daisy
Halo Kitty
Halo Kitty

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Re: Chronicles of the Assassin: Chapter 1

Post by Sponsored content

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