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208th Legion Aries Defense

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208th Legion Aries Defense

Post by Darman on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:51 pm

*Begin Report*
A scouting part lead my Legion General Darman ID CE-19 encountered a small amassing of SBD Troops. These SBDS were gathering in the outskirts of the city Aries and it seems that we eliminated them before more could arrive. We may have stopped a city invasion before hand but It will only buy us a few more days to ready our defenses.

Event ID: 102B

Recovered Militia: 1

Causalities: 0

2 Heavy
2 Standard
1 Standard Commander
See page 2 for ID's.

Captured Images:

*End Report*

To be honest I'm not entirely thrilled with this Moc, it posses only 3 colors (without counting the mini-figures) and the greebling isn't very good. The detail is lacking and the majority of the Moc is focused the the incline of the grey plates. Not my best but it isn't my worst, oh and I mostly made it so people don't screw me over with certain things. If your curious why the set is on a different account it is because I had to use a alternative since I currently cannot delete pictures for whatever reason. I'm pretty sure this fits into the defending a city portion since they put off a attack but please do say If I'm incorrect.
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Guild Member

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Re: 208th Legion Aries Defense

Post by Alpha Beta on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:22 pm

I love the bazookas, and the greebling isn't that bad.
Alpha Beta
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