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CABG Contests!

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CABG Contests!

Post by Rook on Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:50 pm

CABG Contests & GBuilds!

Many of you non-Guild members might be curious, so I'm sharing this with the whole community. CABG has recently changed from monthly Contests and Group Builds (aka Guild Builds) to a bi-monthly system. Contests and Guild Builds are only open to Guild Members. This system greatly increases your chances of winning. The Guild is made up of over 150 users and usually about 30-40 of those are active on a weekly basis. Most Contests and Group Builds have only few of those active members that actually compete on a regular basis. So want win something? Get to work on your application! Wow this thing looks Guildies, remember for there to be winners there must be sponsors and/or hosts. PM a staff member with your Contest and/or Guild Build idea(s) and list(s) of prize(s), to be added to the Contest Schedule Thread. Good luck and Godspeed. --ADMIN ROOK


July 1-August 31:
Guild Build(s): Military PodRacers Created by LazerBlade)

August 1 - September 30:
Contest(s): "Stay in School" (Sponsored by Rook)

September 1 - October 31:
Guild Build(s): OPEN (Created by OPEN)

October 1 - November 30:
Contest(s): OPEN (Sponsored by OPEN)

November 1 - December 31:
Guild Build(s): OPEN (Created by OPEN)


December 1 - January 31:
Contest(s): OPEN (Sponsored by OPEN)

January 1 - February 28:
Guild Build(s): OPEN (Created by OPEN)

February 1 - March 31:
Contest(s): OPEN (Sponsored by OPEN)

March 1 - April 30:
Guild Build(s): TBA (Created by Rook)
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