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Hi from Commander Balmer

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Hi from Commander Balmer

Post by Commander Balmer on Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:51 am

Hello CABG members I am Commander Balmer.

I am 13 and live in New Zealand.

I am primarily into Lego clone army building but I also collect droids.

I am going to apply for Guild membership as I want to create legion 52 and make some comics.

I also like customising minifigures but right now I fail at it.

New Zealand has no Toys R Us stores or Target stores so it isn't that easy getting good Lego sets here.

I get mine off a NZ site called Trade Me because it costs $50NZD (US $38) just to get something for $25-$50! (US $19-$38!) off


A.J. Balmer

(Commander Balmer)
Commander Balmer
Non-Guild Member
Non-Guild Member

Age : 20
Location : A little to far down under... New Zealand

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Re: Hi from Commander Balmer

Post by Wickedskillz on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:08 am

hi. I am 212th wickedskill. I am also kinda new. do you have any MOCS or WIPS yet? do you have a flickr or brickshelf?

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