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Various Vignettes (and figs. Fignettes?)

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Various Vignettes (and figs. Fignettes?)

Post by 198th legion on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:15 pm

I used these to get into the guild. I've gotten better with a camera, but I demolished these a while back.

Pardon the crap lighting and glare.

Guy from some old game. I dunno which. The other was my sigfig.

Rebels from battlefront.
I'm getting the bad feeling I've already posted these...

Mr. Hyde of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde fame. And Victorian/Steampunk james Bond.

I believe this fellow is named Joe Vig. Does anybody still do that? I think I made these maybe two years ago, and I've been M.I.A. since then.

I REMEMBER THIS GUY! I loved that carbine.

Tantive IV. I'm once again getting that bad feeling...

Vietnam! Before I started purchasing Brickarms, pardon the caps and homemade assault rifles.

A Cong prepares an ambush. Dun dun dun DUUUUUN!
This is very appropriate. Thank you, COD Black Ops!

Uber Cannon. Made for SSLF. I miss that place. But I ditched it when I came here.

I've been building again, so hopefully I can add some better stuff.

198th legion
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