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Here comes the cavalry!

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Here comes the cavalry!

Post by Tac on Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:26 pm

Moderator and WWII fanatic PhiMa has once again caused several jaws to drop. His latest vehicle thingy is the perfect blend of looks and accuracy. Head over to the thread to comment on this dark grey beast. Wow this thing looks

Hopefully this will run over Lazer, that would shut him up. Razz

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Bley Junkie
Bley Junkie

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Re: Here comes the cavalry!

Post by LazerBlade on Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:37 pm

Tac wrote:Hopefully this will run over Lazer, that would shut him up. Razz

Hey, it needed to be front paged. Razz Plus this was part of the trade between phima and me. Razz

Enjoy Phima! Wink Razz
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