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Custom You Figure

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Custom You Figure

Post by eclipsegrafx on Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:03 am

I posted this on flickr and it went great so I will post it here to:

Ever wanted a sigfig but the TLC supply just doesn't come close to what you look like or want it to look like? Or a figure of the real you? Or want a figure of someone else to give as a gift?

Now you can order a figure of yourself at a low price (depending on how many parts are decaled) catered to you and your specs.

Here we have a restaurant owner, Chris, who loves toys. Seems men don't ever grow out of toys... Razz for the most part. When he saw that I did lego customs he immediately wanted me to make a lego version of him.

He wanted big glasses (not decaled) since he is known for having a variety of glasses (I don't think I have seen him with the same pair twice in a row) and he is also known for his extensive collection of ralph lauren clothes.

Mr. Ralph Lauren was very excited when he received his new figure (with a chicken leg Laughing).

I am currently working on figure number 2 of him for a call of duty version.

So if you want a figure that looks like you please shoot me a message and we can discuss details.

As mentioned before these are great as gifts for friends and family and if you want to go the extra mile I can do a family scene as well for you. Smile
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