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mission 9.2 (Legion Dude)

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mission 9.2 (Legion Dude)

Post by Legion Dude on Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:19 pm

I had just got used to the f****** low temperature, and then a droid decided to blast a hole in my thick armor. Now the cold is gushing in, and my arm is cramping. So this objective will be a lot more pleasant. I rounded up the squad, and set Kane and Copper a few clicks behind us, to cover our backs while Trev sets the explosives. He likes to blow stuff up, a lot.

The C-9979 landing craft was mostly intact, because the crash site is more level, not as rugged and dangerous as the site of the previous wreckage. But there are pros and cons. The hole ship could be full of droidekas, but the Droch will still be in crates.

"Stand back!" A loud explosion, and the magnetically sealed door was blasted to bits. "Contact, contact!" "Take it down!" We shot through the breach we had created, and entered the hallway. There was a strange droideka, laying on the durasteel floor. "That's an '/s' type! I'v only heard of them. Droidekas with advanced scanners instead of blasters. They can hunt you down, and are more effective when accompanied by a few standard ones." "Okay, Voche, we'll have to keep our eyes open. Call for Copper and Kane. We're in!"

I think this one is even better than the last one. The overview is just not the best picture. C&C are all welcome! Check my flickr for a bigger picture, and maybe leave a comment there too (silent hint to Captain Flak).
Legion Dude
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Guild Member

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Re: mission 9.2 (Legion Dude)

Post by Captain Flak on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:10 pm

You know, I have the sudden urge to go comment on Mission 9.2 on Flickr. Haha, great job! The wall has great texture same as the snow, and the backpack on the middle clone is very good as well. Great job! Razz
Captain Flak
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Guild Member

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