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Contest Prizes Announced

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Contest Prizes Announced Empty Contest Prizes Announced

Post by Rook on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:48 pm

Guildies & Non-Guildies Contest!

Order 99! EPIC Fails

Ok, finally got over to TRU and picked up some prizes.

1st Place Prize: Alien Striker Set # 7049
Contest Prizes Announced 7049-0000-xx-23-1

2nd Place Prize: Sea Jet Set # 8072
Contest Prizes Announced 8072-0000-xx-23-1

3rd Place Prize: Alien Space Ship Set # 30070
Contest Prizes Announced 30070-1

Note: The sponsor will be entering this contest, in hopes that maybe someone else will sponsor this contest with more prizes. In which case we'll alter the prizes packs and make an announcement on the Portal Page like this. But for now... Ideally, the way the voting will be set up is the top MOC from each category will be going to the final Poll. (In the past this hasnít always worked. (SEE CABGOII)) In the event that there is only one sponsor and the sponsor wins one of the categories, the runner up will be going to final Poll to compete for the prizes. In the event that there is not an entry from the one or two categories, the contestant with the second highest number of votes may be drawn from one or both of the remaining categories to compete in the final poll, as needed to at least 3 people in the final Poll.

Contest Prizes Announced 11936860466_193edddbe3_z
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