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mission 9.3 (Legion Dude)

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mission 9.3 (Legion Dude)

Post by Legion Dude on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:43 am

:/Establishing connection.....
:/Connection established
:/Connecting with CT-2817 'Copper'
-CT-9715: "Copper, can you hear me?"
-CT-2817: "Yes, sir, loud and clear! What are the orders?"
-CT-9715: "Retreat to our position. We have a clear sight from this wreckage. Eliminate all hostiles, especially Heavy Assault Droids"
-CT-2817: "Comply that! Retreating to your position now!"
-CT-2817: "Sir, we are encountering heavy resistance. Multiple contacts, laying in sniper posistion! Aarhg!''
-CT-9715: "Copper, are you allright? Can you two make...."
-CT-2817: "Man down, man down! Sir, I can't hear you, but CT-8357-20 is down!" I will try to get him to your position. More contacts .......... Dont know if we can .............."

Copper and Kane had been working together for the last week, to cover more of the vaste C-9979 crash site. Our objective was complete, all Droch had been found and killed. Now we had to wait for a gunship to take us back to the Laborious and stay on the lookout for Heavy Assault Droids, trying to destroy our shuttle in the middle of the crash site.

When Copper arrived, carrying Kane on a makeshift stretcher, we all looked away. Voche and I tried to keep our eyes on the gunship, that was sent to pick us up. A second seemed an our, an instant a lifetime. "Well, this is just reality." "Indeed Copper, reality sucks."

C&C are greatly appreciated, I used a digital camera this time, with different settings. Enjoy!
Comments on flickr are even more welcome, and the link gives a bigger picture too.
Legion Dude
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