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Your Daily Dose of Castle- The Frigid Border

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Your Daily Dose of Castle- The Frigid Border

Post by Sabarrus on Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:27 pm

Yikes, when's the last time I posted a creation on the Ol'CABG... :scratch:

Summer has taken up more time then I'd thought. My bricks got a little break, but this past week I've gotten some free time.
Though I haven't built much Star Wars related builds recently,(Or my Terminus Storyline) I've built two castle-themed ones.

First off we have a winter themed castle vig.(Spelling assistance from MissingPiece Razz ) A quick build, but I like bits of it.

The Frigid Border

A Castle Creation

"The Kingdom of Arrabas is far reaching. Within it's realm lie mountains, deserts, and forests. In the South, the Hur'Gath mountain range acts as a border. It's cold climates lead to snow fall and ice. And the constant attacks from Southern raiders keep any guard praying for some warmth."

The Frigid Border by Sabarrus, on Flickr

Comments are greatly appreciated. Check out My Flickr Photostream for more builds!

Thanks for having a look! Smile
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Re: Your Daily Dose of Castle- The Frigid Border

Post by Wickedskillz on Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:13 am

The castle looks nice. But I thought it was unneccesary to have nearly every white piece being a slope... It would've been nice to have some more of them being a tile instead. But it's no big deal. Razz Nice work!
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