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Council Member Spotlight IV

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Council Member Spotlight IV Empty Council Member Spotlight IV

Post by Rook on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:48 pm

Council Member Spotlight IV

Council Member Spotlight IV 2013-41
Train 01

ROOK: Q. 1. Tell us briefly about yourself. (Share a picture(s) of yourself if you wish.)

Train 01: A. 1. I'm from Maryland.

ROOK: I lived in the DC area for 9 years. If I remember correctly you lived only about 15 minutes north of where I did for most of those years. I'll be back that way soon but I'm going for business not pleasure. So I won't be able to stop in. Sad

"Live on the East Coast once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live on the West Coast once, but leave before it makes you soft."

Train 01: I've also played baseball since I was 3 years old. I've been into Lego for only 3 years now and I hope to become an Architect when I'm older. Oh and no pictures. Maybe later.

What only 3 years!? Dude youíre going to catch up and kill me with your MOC skills within no time! Hola Wow!

ROOK: Q. 2. What was your first set (include image)? How did this influence your love of Lego?

Train 01: A. 2. I believe it was the 7667 Imperial Dropship Battlepack.

Council Member Spotlight IV LEGO_7667_PIC

ROOK: Wow, that was only 4 years ago. Shocked

ROOK: Q. 3. What do you like most about the Lego online community? What do you like the least about it?

Train 01: A. 3. I guess I'd have to say the creations. Some aren't real great but others are outstanding. Shows how much effort some people put in to their work.

ROOK: So no down side? :scratch: Hmm...

ROOK: Q. 4. What is your favorite MOC? Why?

Train 01: A. 4. I guess I'd go with my Assassination on Coruscant.

Council Member Spotlight IV 6733899359_d9ff332484_z

ROOK: Ah that was a good vignette. I liked the greebling on it.

ROOK: Q. 5. Who is your favorite Builder(s)? Why? Include image of one of their MOCs.

Train 01: A. 5. Recently, I think I have got to go with fellow Council Member ~Bob B~. He fits so much detail into small spaces, as proof by one of his most recent MOCs.

Council Member Spotlight IV 6838679579_9e098f4805_z

ROOK: Iíd have to agree, ~Bob B~ is in the hall of records on the CABG as one of our more talented builders.

ROOK: Q. 6. What is your preferred Theme to build in? Why?

Train 01: A. 6. Star Wars, though I have ventured into Halo recently. Star Wars is what got me into Lego in the first place, as I said earlier.

ROOK: Q. 7. What do see for yourself in future as far as building projects?

Train 01: A. 7. Well now I'm working on a Halo New Alexandria MOC, but from there I don't know. I had started an Utapau MOC, but dismantled it for parts. So maybe I'll head back to that.

ROOK: Iím out of the loop with the Halo stuff but I love looking at it. Wish Lego had gotten the contract. :/

ROOK: Q. 8. Tell us about something that wasnít asked above.

Train 01: A. 8. I want to work on building ships/star fighters and natural landscape more. If you hadn't noticed, most of my MOCs are buildings or building interior. Mainly because I am OCD about symmetry, and there isn't as much of that in landscape. I want to work on star fighters because I can build everything but a cockpit a minifigure can fit into.

Thanks for the interview.

ROOK: Agreed. Being a little symmetry centric myself, breaking out into the organic and asymmetrical is a challenge. Thanks the from the CABG Staff.

Council Member Spotlight IV 11936860466_193edddbe3_z
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The Doctor
The Doctor

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Council Member Spotlight IV Empty Re: Council Member Spotlight IV

Post by jamesuniverse on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:51 am

I have built "symmetric" MOCs with landscape. It bugs me sometimes, but once you get the feel for "Going green" you will get used to it. Its quite fun!
PS Rocks are fun..
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VIP Former Staff

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