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Hi my name is Dusk spectre

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Hi my name is Dusk spectre

Post by Dusk spectre on Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:43 pm

Hello, I have registered recently and looking to gain guild status. I have started building a couple of scenes about 20x10. They are a bit plain and I need ideas for greebles (one is a cargo bay street fight and the other is a small building that some rebels have taken refuge in that is about to get raided by a droid gun drone). I have also started work on my legion, it will be called the rancor legion. So far for my legion I have made commander rancor and his astro droid R2-D9 (R2-D2's body with the red dome from the old v-wing). Thanks for the tip jamesuniverse

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Dusk spectre

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Re: Hi my name is Dusk spectre

Post by jamesuniverse on Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:54 pm

Welcome. If you haven't already, this site is strict about he rules, so I would read them. After that post a picture of your MOC when you get approved to post links. Make sure to post it in the MOC feedback for new members! This really is the best way to get into the guild. It helped me and I don't see why it wouldn't help you! Also feel free to ask almost any of the members here for tips/help in private messages. Almost everyone is willing to give tips personally.

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