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Mission 14.1

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Mission 14.1

Post by ~Bob B~ on Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:13 am

Location: Drongar

Talk about a rough landing. We sustained heavy causalities after our crash landing on Drongar, I didnít even know if my own squad had survived it. Once I found the rest of the squad, it was time to regroup with the rest of the 316th and count our loses. We tried to get in contact with Command, but we just got static on the comlinks. We had no idea how long we would go without assistance and our food supplies were destroyed upon our crashing on the surface. It was decided that we would go search the jungle for animals and plants that we could eat until help arrived. We were told that Land Shrimp are quite common around these parts and that they would be our meal for today. We were also warned that scavenger moths also lurk about in the jungle and they wouldnít be shy toward us. Nix and I lost our primary weapons during our difficult landing so our side arms would have to do the trick this time around. I told the squad to get their macros on and were off into the jungle.
~Bob B~
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VIP Former Staff

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