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May The Fourth Be With You - Snow Patrol

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May The Fourth Be With You - Snow Patrol

Post by Geoff Reid on Sun May 04, 2014 12:35 am

The 501st Legionís Snowtroopers known as the Blizzard Force were trained and equipped for cold climate operations on planets such as Hoth and Rhen Var. Snowtroopers wore thermal body suits in white for camouflage in the snow, they also wore a armored chest plate made of plastoid composite armor which included life support controls, the backpack contained heating and life support units as well as a survival kit and ration packs to last two weeks. The Snowtroopers helmet had built-in communications and polarized snow goggles.

Snowtroopers carried an impressive range specialized equipment and weaponry, like cold climate modified E-11, DLT-20A Blaster Rifles and E-Web Heavy Repeating Blasters, as for demolitions they used Fragmentation, Concussion and Stun Grenades.

The Blizzard Force utilized AT-ATís and AT-STís as Armored Transport for assaults and patrols.

AKA Commander Seth

Geoff Reid

Age : 58
Location : Albury NSW Australia

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