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Miniature Republic Assault Cruiser - The Blood Moon

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Miniature Republic Assault Cruiser - The Blood Moon

Post by Bric Half Moon on Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:33 pm

Hello all! Here is a miniature Cruiser I've been working on for, hopefully, my legion!  Razz If you'd like more photos, I'd be glad to take them.

The Blood Moon served as Bric Half Moon's personal flagship during the Clone Wars. The ship was a custom order from Kuat Drive Yards placed by the Mandalorian General himself upon being recruited by Jango Fett to join the Cuy'val Dar prior to the Clone Wars, already having a small fortune from his past noble family. The Assault Cruiser exceeded the Venator-class Star Destroyer in almost every specification and was used as the Headquarters for the 508th Legion. Bric Half Moon had originally planned on calling the ship the Royal due to his lineage, but his troops started to refer to it as the Blood Moon due the ship eclipsing the sun when they first saw it.

1,500 meters
10 DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets
70 Point-defence laser cannons
6 Tractor beam projectors
8 Heavy proton torpedo tubes
250 Starfighters
50 LAAT/i gunships
30 Military walkers

Miniature Custom Republic Cruiser by brichalfmoon, on Flickr" />
The Blood Moon
Miniature in Comparison to Lego Star Wars Republic Assault Ship by brichalfmoon, on Flickr" />
Comparison with Lego Star Wars Republic Assault Ship

Sorry about the grainy, impromptu photos, I had to use my phone!
Bric Half Moon
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Guild Member

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Re: Miniature Republic Assault Cruiser - The Blood Moon

Post by TheMissingPiece on Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:34 am

Neat concept. However, I'd also recommend adding a bottom region to the ship; most ships aren't flat at the bottom! The domes on top of the ship look really iconic though, so good use of the dishes there.
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