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Attention! Registration Authorization Code Needed to Register!

In order to register, you must provide the Registration Authorization Code.  The Code is found in The Constitution topic in "The Guild Constitution" forum.



General Forum Rules:

Accounts: You must be age 13 or older to open an account on these forums. Each member is allowed to have one account and one account only. If the CABG Administrators find out you are using more then one account you may be banned from the forum.

Topics: Before making a new topic, make sure you are making it in the right forum. Check to see if a similar topic has been made before. Make sure it contributes, and be clear about your subject. A general rule for topics is that it should be at least three lines long to be a good topic.

Posts inside topics: Number 1: No spamming! Spam posts will be deleted. Number 2: No posts consisting of just smilies/emoticons. There is a 5 smiley limit for these forums, any post containing more than 5 will be deleted and counts as a violation to the Constitution. Number 3: Make sure your post contributes and that it is on topic! Number 4: Limit of 3 quotes in succession in a post AND avoid quoting pictures since this slows down the loading of a page. Any post that violates these rules maybe deleted without warning! Number 5: AVOID Internet Slang. We have users from all over the world and using Internet Slang or "Text Talk" often does not translate, OR typing a series of figures to resemble code (often referred to as Leet or Eleet Speak). Number 6:  Do not reply to a topic that is older than two weeks unless you have something constructive or important to add to the topic.  Posting in an old topic is called 'Bumping' and is very rude as it clogs up the first page of a forum with old topics.

Regarding Post Length: Your post must be a minimum of five words long. This is to prevent spam. If what you want to say is not five words, do not post it. There is no maximum post length. Violating this rule is violation the constitution. Please see 'Violations' below.

Regarding proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, & punctuation: Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, & punctuation. Posts without proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, & punctuation maybe deleted, and also count as violations to the Constitution. Please see 'Violations' below. 'Good Posts' will be determined by staff. This is an elite site, we do not tolerate members who do not use proper English language in posts.

Regarding Post Content: There are to be absolutely no racist or sexist remarks in posts or regarding other members. There is to be no pornographic references or pictures in posts; failure to comply with either one of these rules will result in loss of member and posting privileges. (Note: This also includes just being abusive. Which is also called Flaming or Bashing.)

Advertising: No advertising, we are not your billboard. However, although you cannot freely advertise, you can PM any ADMIN requesting to advertise if you are advertising a Star Wars/Lego product.

Violations: Please see the separate topic regarding violations in 'The Constitution' forum.

Harassment: If anyone posts harassing or abusing content about another member in a post, private message, or in the C-box, you will be banned upon investigation, or subjected to whatever punishment the staff see fit. Bashing and/or flaming is also a type of harassment. If you receive a private message that contains harassing or abusive content, please notify a staff member.

Colored Text: Only Moderators are allowed to use colored text, when editing your posts or in their posts. If you are found using colored text, you will be warned. Once you have been warned three times for using colored text, you will be banned.