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Heady's Week in Review!

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Heady's Week in Review!

Post by The Jinja Ninja on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:29 pm

Member Heady, part of the new-and-improved (well, new, at least) CABG News team, has posted the first CABG Week in Review.

Heady wrote:Guess what? That's right, it's time for...

Week in Review

Wow. What a week this one was. It held the start of many new things, and, of course, some great MOCs. The CABG Council rotated its seats on September 1, with councilmen Bly and Fixer being voted out, and our local prodigy, Tac, getting voted in alongside Sialboats!
In other news, Rook's massive Venator project is right on track, with the first builders arriving, to comedic effect. Maybe subcontracting isn't such a good idea, Rook! Wink On the same track, CloneCommandoXion has built his amazing Rothana's Pride capital ship for his legion. I have to say, it was a shock, seeing how great he made it after his first try, which was horrible. (Razz)
Moving away from Capital ships, we have MikeZulu, never ceasing to amaze us, with his AT-MP Walker. Nice work, MikeZulu! No major action on the comics front, so let's move onto various guildie topics that interested me (Yes, me, because I'm the one writing this. Thus, it's all subject to my interests. Razz). This week is the first week of the re-imagined series of CABG News broadcasts (Wink). The Current newsroom (Sadly, no actual newsroom, for reasons beyond my understanding.) is staffed by Zepher, Bly, Comrade Faie, Heady, and J4ke. Or, in other words, we're more liberal than MSNBC. Razz CC007 has launched a Let Sialboats gain control over the banner Site Banner Competition. The best entries will get time as the banner for the site, for a few days.
That's all for this week's Week in Review, be sure to give me comments on how to improve, etc..., and thanks for reading!
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