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Brickpocalypse! - Zombie Farming

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Brickpocalypse! - Zombie Farming

Post by TheMissingPiece on Sun May 29, 2011 4:26 am

My first vig in a while, having some fun after a day with PaB. Wink I'll have another vig similar to this.

Just having fun with my new mingun and testing some posing ideas.
‘Beta started running. There were more of them now, and their groans were screaming in his ear.
He was right. Hank was at the end of the dirt pathway, machine-gun’s a-blazing. TheMissingPiece was next to him, firing away with his assault rifle.
“Getchoass ovah here, ‘Beta!” Piece yelled over the roar of Hank’s minigun. “Didn’t I tell you to always carry a gun with you?!”

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Council Member

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Re: Brickpocalypse! - Zombie Farming

Post by clonetexascompany on Sun May 29, 2011 9:53 pm

I like the use of no decals for the zombie's heads. The guns, though, are a bit random for a zombie invasion. I would have chosen shotguns, uzis, the minigun, and other pistols, but then again, I'm a zombie fanboy. Other than that, it's pretty great. The zombies shall take over lego!!! Bwahaha! Eat You Lego Corps Lego Corps Lego Eat You Lego

And axes and sledgehammers and bats etc. would be great as well.
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