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How to put working Lights into your 75019 AT-TE Walker

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How to put working Lights into your 75019 AT-TE Walker

Post by joev14 on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:24 pm

Hey everyone. I'm back today with the guide for how to put working unmodded lights int your 75019 AT-TE Walker. This one uses a design that has a free-hanging battery box, so be careful when your swooshing it around (If you have some sort of tendancy to do that with your AT-TE's...I guess). Also, chances are, at one point or another, while following these steps, you will probably have a desire to ragequit because of TLG's poor hinge design. The bloody doors will fall off every time you try to bend them, so make sure you know how to properly put them back on. xD

Click the photos to be linked to larger versions of the images. Sorry for the change in lighting throughout the pictures, sometimes the flash from my camera makes it hard to see the separate white parts, so I don't always use it.

Step 1: Begin with a standard 75019 AT-TE (Mine is slightly modded with orange accents and a few other things, but the base design is still the same)

Step 2: Absolutely necessary parts. 1 battery box (I chose black so it blends in better), 3 wires (I chose 15-stud long ones), two double light bricks, two top-studded single light bricks, and a 2x8 plate with metal contacts! The black one is just a standard 2x4 plate.

Step 3: Remove anything that may get in your way, such as minifigures, and the turret. Open all the doors of the walker. (If it looks like some piece of abstract art gone wrong, you've probably got it right Wink)

Step 4: Remove the extra missiles tray (circled in red). It's your choice whether or not you want to keep them, but I figured out a way you can get them back into the walker inconspicuously.

Step 5: Separate the missile tray into the following three sections

Step 6: Place the 2x4 black plate and the lowest piece of the missile tray on the bottom of the battery box. (depending on which side you want the button to be, you will need to flip flop these two bricks, this configuration is designed assuming you want it to be on the left side).

Step 7: Place the two two missile sections on top of the battery box. If you chose to get rid of them entirely, skip this step.

Step 8: Place the battery box. It is not attached to anything, the 2x4 plate holds it between the two large light bley slope pieces. As far as I've seen, this is the only way to get the battery box to fit inside this compartment and still have the top be able to close. (Without having to completely remodel the front of the Walker)

Step 9: Attach the three wires to the 2x8 plate with contacts. There are other ways to do this without the plate, although it requires longer, and more exposed, wires.

Step 10: Close up all the doors except for the two rear side doors.

Step 11: Flip over the walker. (The rear door may open while you're doing this. You may find it necessary to close it up again if this happens).

Step 12: Attach the wiring. You might find better configurations for where the wiring rests on the plates, but I found that this one is the most compact.

Step 13: Push the top-most wire through the opening in the front of the walker. (circled in red).

Step 14: Flip the model back over and attach the wire that you just pushed through to the center of the battery box. (circled in red)

Step 15: Attach the two rear wires to the rear hangar of the walker. (circled in red)

Step 16: Place the lights. At this point you might want to flip them on, they can be difficult to attach to the contacts and won't turn on unless you configure them just right. (circled in red)

Step 17: Close everything up again. Be gentle when closing the top-front door, if you push too hard it'll knock the missiles off the battery box. You're done!

Step 18: Pretty sweet looking!

Thoughts/suggestions? I found that while I required a lot fewer pieces than with the gunship, this one took me a lot longer to work out. getting the battery box to fit was very difficult, and I'm still not entirely sure I like the free-hanging design, but it's starting to grow on me a little. Smile
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Re: How to put working Lights into your 75019 AT-TE Walker

Post by Rook on Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:25 pm

Looks great, I would have gone with slightly larger images so that you could see them without having to click on them if you didn't want to.


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