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Lego in 2015!

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Lego in 2015! Empty Lego in 2015!

Post by Fithboy on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:12 pm

There's been a lot of Lego news in the past few weeks.
Firstly the announcement of the next two Lego Ideas sets:
Lego in 2015! 1781843-wall-e-watermarkLego in 2015! 1781839-doctor-who-watermark
                                                            ^^^ hype hype hype hype hype hype^^^
And secondly the Summer wave of Star Wars sets alongside other themes from Toy Fair:
Lego in 2015! 2015-02-14-04.39.07-500x333Lego in 2015! 2015-02-14-04.44.48Lego in 2015! 2015-02-14-04.41.54-242x161
View the rest here!

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John Denno
John Denno

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Lego in 2015! Flag_u10

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Lego in 2015! Empty Re: Lego in 2015!

Post by Troopa Daisy on Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:07 am

Wow, some of these sets look great! Looking forward to getting the UCS Tie Fighter, Final Duel, and Imperial Carrier! Really impressed with the Star Wars sets this year so far! Wow this thing looks
Troopa Daisy
Troopa Daisy
Halo Kitty
Halo Kitty

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Lego in 2015! Flag_c10

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